Musician, artist and founder of the legendary Todd Hobin Band.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, February 5 - Private Showing - Everson Museum

Friday, February 6 - Todd & Doug BeatleCUSE - Landmark Theater



The latest album. Critically acclaimed, rocking, thoughtful, and uncompromising.The Todd Hobin Band just celebrated their 40th year of touring and recording together. Here, in The Early Years collection, you'll find a sampling of what made them one of America's hardest working and well-traveled Rock bands.  They continue to perform to a dedicated and growing fan base. Their performances are legendary, their songs memorable. They remain a closely held treasure to those who know their music. Distinctly American, melodic, driving, and powerful. Many Hobin classics can be found in this two disc set.

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Hearing Aids

Todd's first day with hearing aidsThis is me today, sitting at my desk above the studio. . Day one with new hearing aids

Yes, my hearing loss is proba...

What's up?

The big news this week is a small concert in a quaint little train station.

Tully, New York is picturesque Upstate town at the base of Song Mountain. The folks are neighborly, cultured, and engaged in their community. Their Songs for a Winter's Night music series is really special.

It's All About Love

I suck at resolutions. I mean really bad. Not interested. Every day is a new day. I don't need a new year. I think it comes from being an old dog. Same old tricks. It's just that I have to be more careful in their execution.

I know what I love. So that's what I'm going to focus on.

This holiday season really brought it home for me. After the semester ended, my days were filled with family, friends, and tons of mus...

The Story of Emmanuel

It was a cold, clear night in December of 1988. I stood alone in my office above our newly built studio, looking down on the cove in the moonlight pondering what song to prepare for the next morning's Big Mike's Christmas Broadcast. So many songs to choose from, so little time. Then magically, someplace from deep within... or possibly from someplace out there, the notes just came....

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Although our Christmas Sale is over for this year, you can still download Todd's classic Christmas song Emmanuel. Visit CD Baby to listen for free or download it for your family - just $0.99.