Musician, artist and founder of the legendary Todd Hobin Band.

Upcoming Events:

September 12 - Todd hosts the Gift of Age Cabaret - Sky Armory

September 13 - Todd with the TRIO - Rescue Mission Block Party (noon)

September 13 - Todd SOLO with the Salt City Chill - House Concert

September 25 & 26 - Todd with the TRIO - Rock Tenn Event 

October 4 - Todd Hobin Band - Suzy's Tavern - Auburn, NY

November 22 - Hobin & Moncrief - Steeple Coffee House - Fayetteville, NY



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The Eddie Fest was HUGE

Doug and I finished off the summer season with another trip to the Adirondacks and a great community event. The Eddie Fest Scolarhip Fund celebrates the life of one of our dear friends, Eddie Lakata, who was hit by a car while riding his bike. Here's a news article about the event.


The Ole Barn Concert

Community- Sometimes I worry about America. Are we losing touch with our neighbors? Are our “friends” the people who live across the street or are they our Facebook “friends?”

Those of us of a certain age complain about it, but technology is here to stay. The kids born into it have no other frame of reference. They already know this, but we need to remind ourselves that social networking is just...

Classes start Today!?

Oh, my freaking lord, classes start TODAY!  Where did the summer go?

I am looking forward to meeting a whole new group of students. It's one of my passions. I really believe that by getting to know them I can see the future. Even better, I get to affect the future. I hear people my age worry that these kids aren't anything like their parents and grandparents. That they don't have the same work ethic and drive. NOTHING c...

Greetings from Inlet, NY

The gig was amazing. We stayed for a day or two just to chill. When I'm not here, I miss these mountains.

I loved climbing them when I was younger. Now we just take the chairlift. Just as beautiful as ever... the wife, and the mountains.


Summer is in full swing.

Not gonna lie - the rain cancellation at Sharkapalooza was not the way we wanted to start our 40th Anniversary Tour. But, the last few weeks of shows have been awesome. Good weather, good friends, good food, wine, beer, and songs made for a series of perfect summer gigs. Some highlights:

Peak Fest - Greek Peak, NY - Saturday, July 19th