Musician, artist and founder of the legendary Todd Hobin Band.


Thursday, Octover 22 - Music Matters - Carrie Lazarus

Friday, October 23 - Studio Orchestra - Founders Day 

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Salt City Chill at Dublin's Irish...

Another awesome night of fun with the Chill. Todd gets to play his treasured Viridis guitar and enjoy playing some classic rock, along with some classic tunes written by Chuck Schiele and Rhys Brigida. 


John Hammond

Sweet night at the Le Moyne Performing Arts Center. John Hammond was spectacular and engaging. Thank you John. You rocked it.

New Art

Here are some recent sketches from my Journal. 

Pope Gregory is the patron saint of musicians, singers, students, and teachers. Sweet. He gave us... Gregorian Chant.

WC Handy was a great musician and teacher who identified the BLUES! He is considered the father of the Blues.


Quick Sketch

A little sketch that came out of the end of my pen this week. 

Many Thanks

Four days of some pretty intense playing, the highlight being a very successful event with band. A quick recap and a load of thank yous to the crews, the organizers, and the fans. 

To Jason Smorol, Jeff Irizarry, and the Syracuse Chiefs. You are rocking this town with great baseball and family...