Musician, artist and founder of the legendary Todd Hobin Band.

This Month:

Todd is taking a couple of months off from performing. Stay tuned for news and updates.

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Journal January 4, 2016

The first Monday of the New Year always holds so much promise. It feels like a new beginning. This morning at the lake the sun is casting a glimmering light on the freshly fallen snow and newly formed ice...

Happy New Year!!

Yes, I've been kind of quiet lately, drawing and thinking.

As we kiss 2015 good-bye, my hope for all of us is to find Peace and Joy in the new year. I'll know more about lies ahead for me in a few weeks... stay tuned. There could be some big changes. 


Happy Christmas!!

We all have dark days. But even during our longest, darkest hours, remember that a baby was born in the midst of a winter's night long ago who changed the world. 


The Original Todd Hobin Band

SO.... The ORIGINAL Todd Hobin Band. Who we talkin' about here? 

Todd Hobin is the front man. He talks and sings and writes songs. Way back in 1973 he needed a band, so he auditioned some guys. First, and this was a no brainer, he asked his brother Shawn to be the drummer and to sing harmony. They t...

NYC Street Scene

NYC Street Musicians

The Madison Ave. Street Fair was in full swing on our last visit to the city. I stopped to enjoy some tunes and draw a little sketch of the proceedings. I'm working on a painting right now of the Nassau Light House in the Bahamas. I got some beautiful views of it as we went sailing by. No...