Benny Mardones Benefit Concert

Benny Benefit Michelle Marie.jpg

A truly remarkable evening, surrounded by dear friends and my brothers and sisters. Thank you to Benny’s fans for filling up the pavilion and grounds at Sharkey’s. When I spoke to Benny earlier that day he was so happy to see you lining up and listening to what turned out to be an amazing concert event. His Hurricanes were as dynamic and powerful as ever. One of the greatest bands for all time. Kim Fetters soared. Jon Celi, Lee Anderson, Jeff Gordon, Kevin McNamara, DR Rydher. What an honor it was for me to sing with you. It took all of us and more to even attempt to sing with the power of Benny.

My band is still in shock after the loss of our founder and brother, Doug Moncrief. How he would have loved to be on stage with us. I felt his spirit and felt so comforted being surrounded by his friends and loved ones on this special night.

Buck Kelly and Michael Losurdo kept us on track. We had incredible support from Jim Nichols and the Sharkey’s staff, and from John Pettigras of AEM Management. Greg Ross Productions!! Greg, you organized, executed, and played like the champ that you are. Thank you.

Thank you Epic Tantrum, Hard Promises, Paul Worden, and my bandmates, Bruce Fowler, Shawn Hobin, Brett Hobin for your outstanding performances. And our crew: Corey Hobin, Scott Hobin, Steve Knieser, Paulie, Seth, Mr. Bill, Richard and June Bentley… and so many more.

Thank you CNY!! Your music community is one of the finest on earth. We love you.

Todd Hobin