Good Morning, Old Man Winter

It’s a beautiful, very chilly morning in Upstate New York. Winter arrived with all its charm and might. We always get just a little more snow up here at the lake house. The farm roads that stretch out into the countryside are always the last to be cleared. And the wind has a nasty habit of drifting snow across the dirt roads that wind their way across the fields leading into Foxfield Woods. So named for the abundance of the little critters that share our land. Or rather, the land we share with them.

The fire in the hearth is warm and all the plowing is done, at least for the moment. I could curl up with a good book, but I feel like an adventure. If I bundle up sufficiently, I should be good for a few miles of cross country trekking. Then it’s off to the studio to mix out a wonderful tune with Cait Devin. She is growing fast as an artist. Her new band is blossoming too. Watch for her. Brett will be at the controls.

Sunday my band comes into the studio to rehearse for next week’s club gig. It should be a fun one. Club 11 is brand new. I love these earlier shows. Happy Hour 6-9.

Todd Hobin