New Website... and more!


You may have noticed some changes to our website. Yup, finally I bit the bullet. John Pettigrass joined the team earlier this year. His company AEM (Artist Event Management) has been handling much of the day to day business of the business. He introduced me to Heather McCoy. Lucky me. She is a dynamo. I call her the Answer Lady. Whenever I have a question about just about anything web related… poof! She’s got the answer.

Her company, 315 Design is building this new Todd Hobin website. Some new features are: News and Events - Tickets - an awesome Calendar… nose around the site to see what you think. We’re still populating the pages. My favorite section? This one. I get to write my thoughts, my notes, and my meanderings directly to you.

Stay Tuned.

Todd Hobin