The Stroke Story Continues...

Todd continues to improve. Maybe that’s the important thing to know. He practices every day and pushes forward in his recovery from a stroke that left him paralyzed on his left side. Little issues remain, but all in all he is as normal as an “old guy” can be. He will be performing in over 40 concerts this year!

He will also be sharing his story with civic groups around the area. His mission is to:

#1.) Make people aware of the causes of stroke and heart disease. Stay or get healthy. Eat right. Stop smoking and get in the best shape of your life in preparation for the coming “incident.” Todd was lucky enough to be in great shape physically when he had his stroke. His doctor was able to perform a difficult surgery on him within 24 hours of reaching the hospital. The doctors knew he would survive the surgery. This is not the case with many victims. Be ready. Get as healthy as you can.

#2.) Recognize that you or a loved one is having a stroke. Facial droop, Arm weakness or numbness, Slurred or confused Speech. Then TIME. You must get to a stroke center as fast as you can. The stroke will damage more brain cells if you wait.

#3.) Fight back. You must Triumph Over Stroke. Work hard. Rewire your brain and regain your strength and skills. It is not easy and you MUST start right away.

Another Ad is making the rounds in Upstate New York Media featuring Todd and his miraculous recovery. Oh, yeah. And his famous words.

Todd Hobin