Tom Chapin at SUNY Cortland


Tom Chapin is finally coming back to Central New York. An old friend of the Todd Hobin Band, Tom is playing a concert at SUNY Cortland on Tuesday, March 12th.

Yup, Tom has opened for the THB in the distant past. When we asked the band members, they recall a particularly fun show at a college in the deep backwoods of West Virginia. The first act was a wonderful dance group of cloggers!!! Tom went onstage to warm-up the crowd with his particular brand of down home folk tunes and gentle humor.

Many remember Tom as the younger brother of Harry Chapin. He is a beloved children’s entertainer and story teller.

Read the article about his return to CNY below. One of the most frequent entertainers in SUNY Cortland’s history, it’s been 38 years since his last visit. There is one entertainer to have played the college more frequently ALL TIME. It is Todd Hobin, which is mentioned in the article.

And here is a great article in the Cortland Standard with more background and info:

Todd Hobin