Demo DeMars Tele For Sale

As many of you know, I play a DeMars Viridis acoustic-electric guitar. It’s awesome. I never play a gig where somebody doesn’t come up to me and comment on the sound and look of this fine instrument. It is unique and was in the hands of Steve Miller before belonging to me. So I do believe in DeMars Guitars.

Dan just wrote to me. He is selling a DEMO of his Equinox Tele!! Cheap! The top bid is only $600 at 6 PM on Wednesday. Only 23 hours to go. Bids are accepted HERE:

It looks and plays very Tele-like, but has the distinctive DeMars headstock. I’ve played this instrument. It feels great and sounds wonderful. I’d bid on it myself, but… you know… Anyway, it looks like this:


There is also a nifty looking Strat-style DeMars ready to sell. Check it out here:

Poor guy needs to make room in his shop. There’s going to be a couple of lucky guitar players out there VERY SOON.

Todd Hobin