My Triumph Over Stroke

I past the ONE YEAR anniversary of my stroke. Still kicking. Still playing. Newschannel9, the ABC affiliate in Syracuse, did a small segment on my journey. I’m happy to share it with you. The great Carrie Lazarus interviewed me.

READ and SEE more of my Stroke story below.

TELEVISION CAMPAIGN!! Crouse Health launched a new campaign to reinforce the need to get to the hospital ASAP at the first sign of a stroke. We are getting the word out on preventing, recognizing and recovering from Stroke. Way to go team!!



On May 22, 2018 I awoke in the midst of a stroke. I didn’t know it at the time. Denial made me think that the paralysis I felt on my left side was either a pinched nerve or I had slept on my side and caused my left arm, hand, and leg to be “asleep.” The symptoms did not fade.

I tried to use my left arm and hand. It was a no go. I tried to pick things up. They dropped to the floor. I tried to play my guitar. Nothing.

We called Dr. Cohen’s office. They put me through immediately. I can still hear his voice. “Call 911. Have them take you to Crouse. Trust me.”

So began my journey and the start of my new normal. A life after stroke.

In the coming weeks I will share more of my journey back, My Triumph Over Stroke, but for now, read this info and take it to heart.

You can also watch my story on the PBS Special “Cycle of Life.”


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Todd Hobin