Benny Mardones Update

I spoke via phone with Benny the other day. I am happy to report that his hip replacement surgery was a success. The conversation was like two old battle-hardened veterans discussing their war wounds. We’re both in recovery mode. Me from my stroke (with another operation in my not too distant future) and Benny with a new hip and electrodes implanted in his brain to counteract the affects of Parkinson’s. He told me that he has been in the hospital for 153 days.


I also was privy to a video of Benny singing! It got me. The passion. The pitch-perfect, heartfelt delivery. Not gonna lie, it ain’t easy. He needs every ounce of focus to summon the strength to sing, but it was pure Benny.

You can imagine what the medical bills must be. He’s gonna need a hand. We’re working on something right now. I’ll keep you posted. The first event is already happening. Saturday, February 16th Hard Promises will be presenting a Benny Benefit at Club 11. They will perform a whole set of Benny’s hits.

Todd Hobin