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Winter’s Last Blast?

I don’t know. It’s Upstate New York. You never know.

I love to ski, so a little snow out here in New York Country is an excuse to get out into the woods and commune with nature. But first I had to get home to the Lakehouse, and what a ride it was. We live pretty far off road, so the ride around to the far side of the lake was… BEAUTIFUL.

Once I plowed out my driveway, life was back to normal. I fully expected a local herd of about 30 deer to stroll down the path to our house and munch on our ivy, which they do when the snow gets a little to deep to find an evening meal out in the field.

Sunday was sunny, and a perfect day to sail across the fields and down the trails around our house. Wanny had to REALLY bundle up against the wind.

I can’t help smiling.

Old man with a beautiful girl.

Monday, back to work. Hmmm…. Looks like another snowstorm may be headed our way. Nice.

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