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Valentine’s Day 2018

If you are lucky enough to love every day of your life loving your work, your family, and your friends… and if you’re lucky enough to live your life with the one person you love most in the world… you’re lucky enough.

This week I got to spend most of it in the studio: writing a song for a bank and performing it with some great musicians and a wonderful new singer, Rhiannon Payne. I got to produce a killer vocal session with another brilliant young singer, Grace Krichbaum. Shane Patterson came up from NYC and invited me in to give this song a little old guy support. Both of these women are being produced by Shane. The albums are going to stun you.

I also got to write a score for a neat little 3 minute indie film, and spent some time practicing for my next concert… Thursday night.

I have a studio full of very talented students at Le Moyne. I’ll be bringing one of them over to Full Cast Audio for a meeting with the boss tomorrow. Lucky me. I love hanging with Bruce Coville. Even better when I can bring him some top talent. Jess Schafer shot the video for three music videos we produced for Jimmy Webb. When I get the “all clear” I’ll post them on my YouTube Channel. I’ll keep you posted.

Doug Moncrief and I got to sing on a Bobby Halligan masterpiece with a whole bunch of awesome singers. That song will break soon. We’ll let you know when it pops.

A couple of my amazing grandkids were here this weekend. Yup, we had a blast. And yes, we built a snow fort out on the lake. My son-in-law’s band was in the studio too. They rocked it.

Sounds like a very busy schedule for a guy who should be retired, but no, there’s more. It looks like this old guy is going to sign with AEM Artist Management. Stay Tuned.

Most of all, my dear friends, I find myself still madly in love with the girl of my dreams. May the luck of the Irish sprinkle your wildest dreams with sunshine. And may you all find love, live love, and enjoy these glorious days of mid-winter.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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