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Trent Park – From Student to A Tribe Called Quest

Trent Park is an awesome talent. I know this. I saw the determination and raw gift he displayed years ago. I knew him then, and still do, as Josh Redden, a neighborhood kid that my kids went to high school with. As luck would have it he ended up as one of my private students at Le Moyne studying piano and songwriting.

His early work showed great promise. He even knew all about his image and name before he took the leap to LA. We stay in touch. Whenever he’s in town, Brett and I can usually count on a studio visit to work on new material.

Speaking of which. Check out this article in Billboard Magazine on his latest release. He’s featured on “Rules” by Starita. Tribe Called Quest’s Jarobi White is also featured on the track. Rarefied air up there. Trent Park is flying high. He’ll be working in Hong Kong for the summer before returning to La La Land.

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