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Today is Dolphy Day!!

Mark your calendars, April 24th. It finally must be Spring!!

The students at Le Moyne College always choose one day during the Spring semester to skip all their classes and just let off a little steam. Music fills the air. The Quad becomes party central… and somehow… the place fills up with booze and bar-b-que.

For me, the day started with Visual and Performing Arts Faculty Meeting. Classes will be held. It’s not an official “skip day,” so I’ll be in my studio. My students say they will most probably show up. Although… maybe a little “happy.” I ran into Phil D and Dan from BAM Productions on my way over to my on campus studio. They are all set up and ready to rock. Security is ready, Food Service is setting up for the party…. very few students when I went by this morning.

I look forward to hanging with some outstanding young men and women. Happy Spring.


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