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June 10, 2017 – Seneca River Day

I’m home!!! Yes, a gig in my own backyard. I love our little town of Baldwinsville, NY. It’s a microcosm of New York itself. It grew up around the mill, which still sits there on the island in the Seneca River. That mill is now a lovely hotel, and all the businesses, restaurants, and homes that grew up around and along the Erie Canal still flourish.

At the far reaches of our town life continues as it did a hundred years ago. We’re farmers. The fields, rivers, streams, and lakes still filled with agriculture and wild spaces. Our own little home is nestled in the woods next to a pastoral lake teaming with bass, bluegill, and perch. Yup, there’s chickens in the yard, and geese raising their young on the beach. Curious fox, raccoons, and deer wander by like all the forest inhabitants who share this space as their home. And the few neighbors we have are all family. When you live at the end of a long dirt road in the middle of nowhere, you watch out for each other. It’s that simple.

It’s also very easy to forget that only a few miles away we have shopping centers, suburbs, streets lined with tidy homes, hotels, apartment buildings, and all the trappings of small town life in America. And we have a very active Rotary Club.

The Baldwinsville Rotarians put on the Seneca River Day every year. It’s your typical family day in the park featuring rides, civic groups, LOTS of home baked goods, an anything that floats race, and fun for all. At the center of Mercer Park, right there on the banks of the Seneca River, stands an old gazebo. That’s where we’ll set up and play. All day entertainment by all local talent.

I get to play solo, with my friend Greg Hoover, AND with the Salt City Chill. It’s going to be fun. And best of all, I’ll pack up my gear when it’s all done and head out of the village for a short ride down a long dirt road to my little house in the woods.



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