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Summer Songwriters’ Workshop

Songwriting can be a lonely and thankless gig. Those of us with the desire to write songs usually have lots of good starts, but how many of those starts turn into finished masters? Trust me, all of us have a notebook full of ideas. But, how many of song starts actually end up in our catalog? How many of our songs are being played by other artists? How many songs on the radio, in movies, or even on our own albums?

It’s not for lack of trying, right?

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, everybody needs encouragement and support. That’s why I put these workshops together. I match up people of like talent and taste and we go to work with the express goal of completion.


It’s an intense five-week program. There are 10 two hour sessions packed with songwriting tips and tricks. Each session focuses on the three biggest hang ups most songwriters face.

The Craft – Songwriting tips and tricks, we’ll study form and content, share and critique lyrics. On the music side of things, I’ll show you Music Theory the EZ way and help you play accompaniment to your songs like a pro.

The Tech – Don’t let a lack of knowledge slow you down. I’ll teach you audio production skills and studio basics. You’ll learn how to set up your own home studio. We’ll help you find the right gear and software, and show you how to use it.

The Biz – Music Publishing and song promotion. It’s all about the money.

Yes, you will have homework. Groups meet twice a week.


NOTE:  The Tuesday and Thursday evening group is the only one we have left to fill.


The Goal: You will complete a song: written to perfection, recorded with great musicians, mixed and mastered.

$400 per songwriter to participate. The workshop meets at Hobin Studios in Baldwinsville, NY. We step from a classroom setting right into the studio to record.

WRITE TO ME with questions or to sign up.

Todd Hobin is an Adjunct Professor at Le Moyne College He teaches Audio Production, Live Sound Techniques, and 21st Century Musicianship. He’s a seasoned Singer/Songwriter with hundreds of successful songs in his catalog.



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