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One of these days I will sit down and write the story of this year. There were so many wonderful concerts, so many people to thank, and so much love shared with family and friends. Watch this space. But for now…

I only have two shows this November. I’ll be playing on and helping my colleagues with all sorts of events and concerts at Le Moyne, but one will feature me and my music. It’s always fun, and usually involves some of my students. It’s November 18th at 6pm at the Plaza. It’s more about the pizza than it is about the tunes. We need to relax as a community. I invite everyone. It’s FREE. Students, colleagues, the fam, and all of our friends. You’re invited too. It’s a good hang.

NOW, about that other show.

This is big. Tell your friends about it. Particularly if they like the music of Frank Sinatra. We are re-launching our dinner theater concert “Sinatra, An American Icon” on November 25th. Here’s a LINK to our Sinatra Page with all the details… and a nifty movie trailer:

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