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Monday, October 10th – Thank You

I somehow survived until mid-semester break. You know how much I love my professor gig, but I have to admit that it puts a serious dent into an already over packed schedule. I’ve got a couple of days here to do some catching up, but first let me apologize to all the good folks who I owe an email to. To say nothing of all the projects which need my attention. Onward.

20161007_201430OSWEGO MUSIC HALL Open Mic on Friday night – We had a remarkable group of very talented performers. I was impressed with the number of very good songwriters who shared their songs with us. We had two wonderful students from Oswego (Kyle and Jones) sing, and I am very proud to say, a wonderful three song set of new songs from one of my Le Moyne College students Chelsea Balan.

Talk about songwriters! Bryan Dickenson rocked through a solid bluesy set. Jim Schaffer touched our hearts with well crafted, honest songs. My dear friend Dee Weeks stepped on stage (with a guitar!!) and wowed folks with an energetic and driving pair of rocking originals. Our hosts Michael Judge and Juliet Forshaw treated us to a couple of unique and powerful new songs.

There were so many awesome performances: Dion Abraham on sax, 12 year old Sophie Neveau on flute, the wonderful vocalist Cam Caruso, and so many more.

Then to put an exclamation point on a thrilling evening, Mark Wahl treated us to a stunning performance of his gorgeous anthem to love and humanity. He then lead all of us in a rousing rendition of Pete Seeger’s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. Thank you for being there.

My Saturday night was a house concert and bar-b-q featuring my buddy Dick Benedetto’s Smoke Inc, BBQ. This is the second time we’ve teamed up to present the absolute BEST house party anyone could ever have. We celebrated a remarkable group of folks (and great neighbors), the Philanthropic Foodies.

I usually like to play in a band. I love the interaction and the power of a rip roaring Rock band, and you know how much I miss the Original Todd Hobin Band. I can’t wait for Spring and our next shows. But, I have to admit, when you’ve got a tight group of partying pals rocking with you and your acoustic guitar it can be a whole lot of fun. Thanks folks, and you know who you are. I felt the love you have for each other and the joy that you share. You exemplify what it means to be a great community. Oh, yeah… and you do ROCK!



On a personal note, Joann and I had a couple of the grand kids out at the lake house for the weekend. That, my friends is what life is all about. I am forever amazed at the passion for life that my beautiful wife has. We ate great, walked for miles around the lake, fished, shopped, read to each other, laughed and partied all weekend. It was hard to send them back to mom and dad, but you know what? It is very clear to me that God has a plan. Parenting is best left to the young. I am a tired old grandad.


I’m going to take this short mid-semester break to do some catching up.

In the coming weeks we will say good-bye to the last of our Greatest Generation when we memorialize my sweet Aunt June. They were an amazing bunch of folks. It is hard to let them go, but it will be a true blessing to share memories with my cousins. They were my heroes growing up.

And then we celebrate Founder’s Day at Le Moyne College. My Studio Orchestra will be performing with many of my students. I am very proud of them. The future is in good hands.

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