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Looking for a Few Talented Young People

I need a favor.

If you know of a talented young person or group who could use a push in the right direction, have them contact me.

I’ve been involved with the Syracuse Sunrise Music Festival since its inception. It’s open to all CNY youth with talent. And it is unique. It is not a talent competition. It’s a concert on a big stage. Each performer is mentored by the pros. We offer advice, council, contact, and more.

Everyone is a winner.┬áParticipants are awarded what they need. In some cases it’s professional lessons, studio time, or instruments. This year one of the performers will get a paid gig. They will appear at the Celebrate New York Festival on August 18th at the Sharkey’s Outdoor Concert Stage.

It’s open to all young performers from very young to college age.

Thanks for you help. Please share.

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