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Looking Back… Looking Forward

On the road…. Not bad by musician standards. Just a couple of days, then it’s back to the studio. Thanks to the internet, nobody ever gets too far away from home… OR your past.

Pages from my journal pop up from time to time. My old fashioned, hand drawn journal. It goes back almost 50 years. A half century’s worth of scribbles, dribbles, and musings on the day’s events. I still draw … almost every day, but mostly it’s digital. Not the same. There’s something so organic about paper, paint, pencils, graphite. Even when you look at a picture of something hand drawn… it’s got a sense of touch.

I do not remember this day (see picture above). But, I see everything that I was doing around that time on the pages surrounding it. One of these days, I’ll gather up all of my journals and put it together for the grandkids. It represents a thousand snapshots from days gone by.

At my stop in Binghamton, I spent the evening with my old friend Butch Bloom. We haven’t changed a bit in the past 50 years. Just two handsome young lads out to have a good time. And we did.

Now, it’s back to finish up a semester at Le Moyne and send my Seniors off into the real world, where there future awaits.

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