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Yes, it’s true. For those of you in the Central and Upstate New York viewing areas, you are seeing Todd in a bank commercial. Zoey Advertising is a fun-loving, free-wheeling ad agency in Syracuse. They invited Todd into a brainstorming┬ásession to come up with a unique campaign for a Federal Savings and Loan company specializing in home mortgages. Out popped a brand new jingle that everybody liked so much — it turned into a commercial. Besides, who wants to talk about rules, regs, and rates when you can just play a nice song.

The music was performed and recorded at Hobin Studios, with run and gun video shot by Jordan Harmon. Lots of agency folks were in the studio, with their President, Steve Roberts leading the charge. Featured on vocals you’ll see Rhiannon Payne. She has a new album coming out soon. Watch for her. She is WAY talented.

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