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FRIDAY NIGHT – Salt City Chill Album Release Party

One of the great pleasures for any musician is to play with, backup, support, or sing with a talented songwriter. Especially a songwriter with a vision and a unique perspective. Add in being able to jam with some of the finest musicians on Earth and you have a recipe for some great memories.

The Central New York music scene is packed with talent. It’s no wonder. So many of us travel and have taken our talents around the world, almost always to return to this fertile, somewhat rural territory which finds itself parked in the center of the Northeast. Highways intersect just down the street from the Dinosaur. Many of America’s (and Canada’s) major cities are just a one nighter away in every direction. And locally, we gather to commune. Whether it’s Shifty’s or the Ridge or the Palace, there’s always something cooking. How many cities this size can host an event like BeatleCuse and pack the stage with almost 100 talented local citizens? Not too many.

But, that is next weekend’s adventure.

THIS FRIDAY NIGHT, I get to support a bi-coastal phenomenon known as Chuck Schiele. He’s got serious roots right here in CNY, but he spent almost all of his career rocking San Diego. His West Coast band, the Grams rocked it up enough to turn him into a West Coast staple. He still rips it up out there on the left coast with the best of them.

NOW, about this East Coast band that he put together to play his stuff. Six players from different backgrounds playing West Coast themes with a positively Northeast slant. In addition to Chuck on acoustic guitar, add in the funk and drive of Lou Rawls’ drummer Phil Smith, the thunder from Sammy Hall of Fame bassist John Dancks, Rhys Brigitda’s outstanding keyboards, then add in the dueling guitars of Richie Melito and yours truly.  Some nights it gets a little jammy, but what would you expect?

The new album by the Salt City Chill hits FRIDAY, MARCH 31st with a full on, no holds barred party at Uriah’s of Liverpool (Rt. 57). With two sets of extreme fire starting at 8PM. 

For all things Chill visit:

Salt City Chill CD

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