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Founders’ Day Note From Todd

This Friday night just past was Founders’ Day at Le Moyne College. This was the 50th anniversary of the event and very special for a lot of reasons. First and foremost our community honored our Legacy Families. The families who have sent generations of their progeny to the college. Le Moyne is like that, a very family oriented place.

One of those families, the McNeils made a stunning announcement that night. They have donated 7 million dollars to the college to establish a new major. The event itself raised over $200,00.00 for our student scholarships.

As a member of the Le Moyne College music faculty, I have been involved in the event for a number of years. Our students perform all of the music all evening long. This year we featured the Jazzuits performing songs from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Perfect, right? It’s the 50th anniversary of his show. Watch for the Tom Hanks movie coming out this summer.

I am very proud of our students. It’s a long night of entertainment and they pulled it off magnificently. In addition to providing music for the cocktail hour, they performed a set of classic Mr. Rogers numbers culminating in a heartwarming rendition of Thank You For Being You. The photograph above was taken as they surrounded our honorees and sang to them.

I would especially like to shower praise on the students and recent graduates who joined my Studio Orchestra for a rousing set of dance music. They rocked the house.

This week I am back to my regular schedule… sort of. I start writing a song for the Folkus Project on Wednesday. Thursday, back on the road.

I’ll try to catch up a little on the blog. More great stuff coming.



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