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Chelsea’s album is out! Folks, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. She is prolific. A girl so in touch with her inner self, her friend’s inner selves, and her generation’s thoughts and feelings that her catalog will shape our opinions of how we feel about them. How they feel about themselves.

She speaks in words that ring true. Her “Stories” are real. They are painful. They are joyful. They are steeped in tradition, and shake the walls with groove and courage.

On Monday she will walk out of my classroom and later this month across the stage at graduation. She is now everything that I knew she would become the first time we met at the beginning of her college years. She is a Recording Artist.

Listen to her stories and watch for her. The horizon is full of her songs.


Chelsea can also be found on TIDAL, Google Play, Apple Music, and everywhere fine music is played.

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