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Hobin’s “History of Rock” Concert

"History of Rock" with Todd Hobin ­čśÄ Kick off the Funk 'n Waffles Downtown Music Industry Series with us!! #learnsomethingnew #rockhistory #professor #lemoyne #master #songs #tuesday #funk

Posted by Kathleen Metallo-Mason on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This is going to be a very interesting, unique experience. Yes, I am going to put my professor hat on for part of the concert. You know I love to talk about the History of Rock. I have been lucky enough to spend a very long career in this business. Actually performing my first gig in 1962.

To set the stage for Rock, I will be featuring songs from early folk music, the American Songbook, the Blues and R&B.

I teach a college level course in Rock n Roll History. I’ll draw heavily from presentations to this class. But I will also lean on my own songs, experiences, and fond memories of artists┬áthat helped to shape my music.

This will be the first in a series at Funk n Waffles called Industry Night. It’s a Tuesday evening, EARLY. We start at 6pm. It should give folks enough time to get out of work or school in time to grab a great dinner at one of Armory Squares unique venues. The Funk deals up some amazing waffle dishes. And of course, great drinks. The rest is up to me. I plan on an evening of great songs and stories. Two sets.

TUESDAY, MAY 23rd at 6pm

Funk n Waffles, Armory Square, Syracuse, NY

INFO and Tickets:


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