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Thank you Riveredge Resort!

Many thanks to the staff at Riveredge Resort. We had a blast. Can’t wait for our return visit Pirate’s Weekend, August 11 and 12t. The Singer/Songwriter returns for another weekend of merriment.


Oh, boy. This is going to be some fun… and a little relaxation. I’m headed back to Alex Bay for the whole 4th of July weekend. That’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. All four nights at the world famous Riveredge Resort.

My first extended gig up in the islands was back in the summer of ’69. I played six (sometimes seven) nights a week at the Thousand Islands Club. Best college summer ever.¬†Well, that was decades ago. Times have changed, but the magic and majesty of that area has stayed the same. Oh, I’ve been back every year since the 60s: to play, get married, honeymoon, and just enjoy the scenic beauty. I jumped at the chance to spend the holiday in paradise. Who wouldn’t?

Join me if you can. The link below will get you to the Riveredge Resort website. Don’t be alarmed. There is not one word about me playing there, but I am definitely there all weekend long. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, shops, boat tours, and wonderful things all day. THEN you get to party with me all night long. I hit at 9pm. It’s a SOLO gig,, but you know me. I’ll be leaning heavily on party songs, classics, a few tear jerkers, and lots of dancing. Can’t help myself. I’m going back to the ISLANDS! OH, and yes… always, I will play Hobin songs. Some new ones too, from the next album.

The Riveredge Resort Hotel


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